Lou’s 222 is the last word
in long-lasting shine
and protection.


Half the effort.
Double the Dazzle.


Your time to shine.
In half the time.



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  • Many of our customers swear by the Lou’s 222 products. Lou’s 222 Metal Polish is one of our best sellers. If you are looking for a good quality polish try Lou’s. You won’t be disappointed.
  • It was about two years ago when one of my best customers came in and said to me; Hey Mike have you ever heard of the polish called Lous222 and I had to say no, so he proceeded to tell me all about the product and the fact that it was locally made by a person [...]
  • Just a note to let you know I received Lou’s 222 Metal Polish last night.  I’ve tried it on the kitchen sink, well 1/2 of it, and now my wife wants me to do the rest! It is certainly a noticeable difference. I’ve also tried it on 1 of the trailer window frames and I [...]
  • We bought some of your Lou’s 222 Metal Polish, this past summer, at the car show in Radium. I promised the fellow that I would let him know what I thought of it. I had gotten it, mainly to polish my brass bed – a chore I HATE! But honestly, this polish worked like a [...]
  • Hey Lou, we met at Three Hills AB. and I had the 66 Ford pickup.  Just finished our local show and shine here in Hinton and your polish was a big hit. The guy next to me had a 71 Nova and said he wanted new wheels, he spent 3 hours on them last night [...]
  • I was in the process of selling my home and could not afford brand new appliances. I purchased Lou’s 222 Metal Polish and used it on all my stainless steel appliances. Now they look absolutely amazing and basically brand new. I am also happy to say my house has officially sold. Thanks Lou’s 222 Metal [...]
  • I used Lou’s 222 Metal Polish on my 1969 Road Runner chrome mags and it brought them to a brighter shine than when I purchased them brand new. The product impressed me so much that I bought 1 gallon to use in my detail shop and another 10 bottles to put on my shelves to [...]
  • I used Lou’s 222 Metal Polish on my wives 20 year old stainless steel sink and it turned out looking better than it did 20 years earlier when we moved into the house. My wife was so impressed that she called Lou personally to thank him for the wonderful job that the polish accomplished on [...]
  • I am a professional power polisher; I polish big semi-trucks and trailers. Since being introduced to Lou’s 222 Metal Polish I have cut my work and time in half. This product gives me a resilient shine while sealing and protecting my clients’ trucks. This keeps both me and my customers happy.
  • Just a note to thank you for introducing me to Lou’s 222 line of products. I find the product very user friendly with excellent results. I will definitely continue use in the future.
  • I tried the Lou's 222 Metal Polish right after I bought it and was fascinated with the product. My motorcycle was extremely gunked up. I used the polish on my exhaust, and then realized they actually had a different shade of metal than I could have ever imagined. The product is amazing, and I would [...]
  • I have been polishing all types of metals for 16 years. As a professional Polisher who runs his own business I'm always looking for a top quality product that does what it promises and saves me time.  Lou's 222 does what it promises. It is an amazing product and the results speak for themselves.  I've [...]

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